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Consistent consultant fee for 3 years, Guaranteed permit compliance, Improved business image, Operating cost savings, Reduced regulatory oversight, and Increased business clients.

When Jocelyn got hired as an Environmental Specialist with Southern Gardens Citrus Processing in 2016, she was told that annual and as needed trainings were a part of her job duties, so initially she thought of hiring an outside consultant to do this work but eventually gave in and did them herself. With existing training materials, the first year proved difficult as a trainer and the message was lost. The next year, Jocelyn made the tedious decision to revise the Site Specific and General Awareness Environmental training to include videos and relatable pictures. The reviews were a lot better and as of 2017’s annual training, many employees have made personal decisions to recycle more and properly, be more water use conscious, product use conscious,  report spills, protect drains from spills and say something if they see something.

With this feedback, Jocelyn realize that the reason many industries have environmental compliance issues is due to the lack of knowledge. Many employees understand how their jobs produce a product or support the company’s financial state, but many never make the connection of how their jobs can impact the environment around them and natural resources they use, which can impact them on a personal level. Environmental Awareness Training is more than training, it is the precursor to a company’s environmental regulatory compliance and economic health. The two are dependent on each other and this is what ENVITRACOM plans to do, bridge these gaps and witness business success.